Drug Wise

We encourage and teach patients to make positive changes in their lives by rectifying maladaptive behaviours. By learning healthy coping skills, impulse control, emotional regulation skills, and drug-refusal strategies, they can avoid relapse.

Individual therapy helps patients to recognise triggers and cope with them. The therapists can also improve emotional regulation skills to manage cravings.

Group counselling provides opportunities to practice sober social skills, as well as the coping strategies you learned in individual counselling.

Family therapy sessions can repair broken relationships, improve communication skills, and build conflict resolution skills.

The doctors and counsellors in drug-rehab centres help patients make goals for themselves. Patients commit to themselves and their loved ones to make a positive change in their lives. They make long-term goals and then short-term goals that help them along the way.

To help patients overcome denial and make healthy choices and commitments, doctors educate them on the consequences and effects of substance abuse and addiction. Councilors educate patients about the effects that drugs have on their bodies in the hopes that they will be more motivated to make a change.

If you, or someone you know needs help overcoming substance addiction, contact:

SADAG Social Development Substance Abuse Line
0800 12 13 14

Narcotics Anonymous
0861 00 6962

0330 123 6600

Elim Clinic (Drug Abuse Treatment Centre)
011 975 2951